The principal and/or appropriate administrative staff will determine the admission of a student. The decision is based on the following criteria:

  1. Age of student
  2. Test results
  3. Availability of space
  4. Previous school records

Although an American style curriculum is followed, students from many different countries and educational systems are accepted. Before placing a student we consider the factors mentioned above as follows:

First, each grade at the school serves a different age group. For the most part, students are more comfortable if they are with students of their same age. Students must have reached the proper age for a particular grade prior to 1 September of the year they enter KIA. For example, grade one students must be six years of age by 1 September before being enrolled in grade one.

Second, if a student enters during the year, he/she will be placed in the grade he/she was in at the time he/she withdrew from the previous school. If the former school’s system finished the grade halfway through our school year, most students will be placed in the same level they just completed. Experience has shown that most students are not prepared to skip one-half year of school.

Third, placement within a grade depends upon the student’s prior academic record and the results of the placement tests which are given at KIA. Once evaluated, the student will be enrolled in the most suitable grade. The school administration has the authority to make the final decision concerning grade level and the English Language Development (ELD) program placement.