The purpose of Kunming International Academy, as a private and non-profit institution, is to provide a quality education for the children of the international community within the framework of a faith-based worldview. This education is designed to help develop mature and healthy young adults to achieve their full potential as world citizens.


The foundation of Kunming International Academy’s educational philosophy is the belief that there exist absolute truths and that these truths provide an essential framework for understanding ourselves and our world. Therefore, the school is committed to the pursuit of truth, in all its varied richness, as a sacred task that is guided and immeasurably enhanced by the shared perspective that comes from faith.

While KIA’s aim is to provide a quality education integrated with a faith-based worldview, all cultures and religions are treated with respect. The educational program is adapted to the needs of the international student as much as possible. Although the core of its program follows an American-style academic approach, the school seeks to include emphases that transcend any one culture or nationality.

Kunming International Academy endeavors to form a partnership with parents, students, and staff, understanding that each have responsibilities. It is our desire to nurture the whole person, uniquely created, by furthering each student’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social development. Since the ultimate responsibility of a child’s education lies with the parents, KIA partners with and encourages parents in this nurturing process.