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Chinese Language and Culture

The Chinese program serves the language learning needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The program’s overarching philosophy is the belief that the study of Mandarin provides individuals with the ability to express perspectives and knowledge that are only available through the understanding of language and culture. Language and efficient communication are at the heart of our student’s experience. The target is to provide a linguistic and culturally rich environment to educate and inspire all students to become effective communicators and global citizens.

The program consists of Mandarin as Second Language (MSL) and Mandarin for Native Speakers (MNS). Both tracks support and honor the KIA position of offering Mandarin as an additional language though not a bilingual platform. MSL students will learn the culture and focus on oral and writing communication to exchange common, everyday thoughts, ideas, and information. MNS students will use Mandarin as a medium to learn other content areas. The MNS tracks will require a higher degree of competency than the MSL track in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.