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High School

Kunming International Academy has a rich history of serving the expatriate community here in the heart of Yunnan Province.

KIA began in 1994 and has functioned in a supporting role to Non-Governmental Organizations, International Businesses, Diplomats, and many others who are seeking a quality education for their sons and daughters as they live and work here in the beautiful Spring City. KIA offers an international education based on United States curriculum, with many of the school’s graduates going on to colleges in the United States, Hong Kong, Korea, and other countries around the world. It is our desire that each graduate of KIA is a well-rounded individual who is prepared for life beyond the high school classroom. KIA offers students a variety of activities to accomplish this goal; organized sports, fine arts in both visual and performing arts, service projects to the local community, leadership opportunities such as student government and model united nations, and so much more. As a college preparatory institution, Kunming International Academy offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses, both on campus and through online providers. Students who take these courses and pass the related exams have the opportunity to earn college credit for their work during high school. KIA is an accredited school with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This accreditation eases the transition from high school to college by ensuring that the KIA diploma is recognized internationally.

In high school (grades 9-12), a greater number of courses and activities are available, including AP courses, Student Government, drama, and various sports. Beyond the required courses, students can select at least two courses they are interested in. To graduate, students are required to fulfill the requirements that prepare them for university study.

Kunming International Academy’s qualified staff has a wealth of educational and intercultural experience, and is excited about serving the expatriate community in Kunming.